Woodson Defenses Against Opponents Spade Fit

After 1minor - (1Spade) - Dbl - (2Spade)
where partner's double is negative. To further describe his/her hand, opener may rebid as follows:

Pass: Nothing to bid / Want to double 2 Spade.
Dbl : Extra strength or at least invitation in Heart.
2NT : Both minor.
3H : 11-14 Hcp
3Sp : Ask for a spade stopper. Normally a good solid minor suit.
3NT : Normally a good solid minor suit with spade stopper.
4H : 18-19 NT and heart support.. (Promise an even hand without singleton/void)

Some modify this to have 2NT show hearts instead of both minors, bidding the other minor if possessing length in both minors.