Walsh Relays

All responder hands that are slam tries with a long suit (and perhaps a second suit) start with a relay sequence. Long suit = at least 6 cards. Here are the sequences:

2H-2S This sequence cancels the transfer into 2H.

2S here forces 2NT by opener. Now responder describes his hand. It is because of the possibility of this sequence that the only allowed pre-accept in hearts is 2S.
If: 1N-2D

then responder now bids 2NT as a retransfer into hearts. Any other call over 2S by responder has the same meaning as in the sequence:

The responses are as follows;
3C,3D = broken suit slam try in C,D; may have second suit
3H,3S = good suit slam try in C,D; may have second suit; good suit means 2 of the 3 top honors minimum.
3NT = unspecified solid suit (AKQxxx or better); opener bids 4C to ask the suit, or bids 4D to ask for OUTSIDE controls; starts a variety of asking bids
4C,4D = broken suit slam try in Hearts and spades respectively.
4H,4S = good suit ""
4NT = solid suit slam FORCE. promises extras outside the suit