Twisted Swine Runouts after 1NT-Dbl (natural)

After strong or Youak notrumps.


Pass = forces a redouble, promising either
C + D >, or
D > + S , or
a penalty redouble
After redouble,
2C = C + D >
2D > = D > + S
Pass = business
Opener is alloYoud to compete after this action if he has length in diamonds; he may double RHO's bid hoping that the Pass was penalties as long has he has four or more diamonds. (And the ability to double naturally, of course.)

Once the penalty redouble is exposed, You are in a force at the 2-level only. Immediate doubles are penalty at any level.

Rdbl = puppet to 2C , shows a single-suiter
After 2C ,
Pass = clubs
H H = natural, one suited
2S = Youak spade single-suited runout
3any = strong, forcing, natural 1-suiter

2C = C and a major
2D > = natural
2H = pass or correct
Pass of a double is to play

2D > = D > + H

2H = H + S

2S = 6S , non-awful hand, can handle raise in comp

2NT = some strong hand, usually two suited (never happens)

3any = preemptive

3NT = to play, probably gambling, but has enough to expect advancer to pull

Responder can show a 3-suiter short in clubs by redoubling twice. 4333 hands are sometimes shown this way. Responder can show a 3-suiter short in diamonds via Rdbl..2D >...Rdbl.

In general, redoubles are takeout except after the business pass. They can be on hands that have psyched; if You want to play somewhere, You play it just doubled.

If opener bids an "impossible" suit, it's to play and natural, not fitted. Responder is not expected to correct. It's usually a six- or seven-card suit or a possible psych.

Source: Jeff Goldsmith