TRAP with two-level transfers

After opponent's open 1C as an artificial strong club (usually 16+ HCP), the LHO may use TRAP. Some partnerships play TRAP plus the two level transfers shown before, while other play that one level bids are natural with moderate values, but the two-level bids are preemptive. The two-level bids signify the following:

2C = Diamonds OR both majors.
2D = Hearts OR spades/clubs
2H =Spades OR the minors
2S = clubs OR diamonds/hearts
2NT = hearts and clubs
3C = Diamonds and spades
The two-level bids require the overcaller's partner to respond by bidding the next highest suit. Overcaller's bid of any other suit shows the alternative combination (e.g., if overcaller bid 2C, showing diamonds or both majors, responder would bid 2D. If overcaller bid 2H, s/he would be showing both majors and responder would correct if necessary to find the best fit in the majors).