Swiss Suit Raises/Standard and Several Variations

1 M - 4 C : 11-15 points, 4+ card support, 2 aces, no good side suit.
- 4 D : 11-15 points, 4+ card support, 3 aces or 2 aces and the king of trumps or 2 aces and a void, no good side suit.

Other hands with support are either shown through a jump shifts or a delayed game raise (1M-2m,2?-4M). The latter sequence is strong in Stone Age Acol, not a sign-off based on fast arrival.
Over the Swiss bid, opener returns to the trump suit if he has no slam interest, otherwise he bids 4D over 4C or 4 of the other major over 4D.
1 M - 4 C
4 D : Responder bids a suit in which he has a singleton, without a singleton he returns to the trump suit.

1 M - 4 C
4 D - 4 H/S/5C/5D
4/5 NT : Opener asks for aces according to the CRM principle: 5(6) C shows the red or black aces, 5(6)D the major or minor suit aces, 5(6) H aces in the round or pointed suits.
1 H - 4 D
4 S and

1 S - 4 D
4 H : Responder bids the suit in which he has a void or returns to the trump suit without a void.

1 H/S - 4 D
4 S/H - 4S/5C/D/H
4/5 NT : Asks for aces with special responses:
5(6) C : 2 aces red or black OR 3 aces missing the CA
5(6) D : 2 aces major or minor, OR 3 aces missing the DA
5(6) H : 2 aces CH or DS, OR 3 aces missing the HA
5(6) S : 3 aces missing the SA

For example: K10 x x x Q x x x
x A x x x x
A x x x x
K Q x A x x
1 S 4 C
4 D 5 D
6 S
There are at least 9 variations of Swiss Suit Raises These are:
1. Aces Swiss or original Swiss, the convention described above.
2. Unspecific Swiss: 4D is simply stronger than 4C, there are no ace requirements.
3. Double Barreled Swiss: 4C/D show the hands as in standard Swiss but any point count. With 15+ responder bids again after 1M-4m-4M
4. Trump swiss: 4C denies 2 honors, 4D shows at least 2 honors in the trump suit.
5. Inverted Trump swiss: 4C shows 2 honors, 4D denies at least 2 honors in the trump suit.
6. Singleton Swiss: just another name for splinters.
7. Super Swiss. 3S/3NT/4C/4D are all raises of 1H showing:

1 H - 3 S : A void
3 NT: A singleton
4 C : 2 or 3 aces, no singleton/void
4 D : less than 2 aces, no singleton/void.

8. Minor suit Swiss. 3H/S are strong raises of 1C/D opening bids.
9. Reverse Swiss. 4C/D rebids are artificial support showing bids after 1 minor, 1 major or even 1 minor, 1 of a suit, 1 of a major.