Superprecision Strong 1C opening

RESPONSES TO 1C OPENING BID WITHOUT OPPONENT'S INTERFERENCE HCP 0-7 Conventional, negative, any distribution. 1D 4-7 Natural, - 6-card suit headed by at least two of the top three honors; 2H/ 2S 8+ Natural, minimum 5 cards, game-force except the case when both hands are minimum and misfit; bidding a minor suit deny a 5 card major. 1H/ 1S 2C/ 2D 8-10 Conventional, 4-4-4-1distribution. Unusual Positive. Minimum Singleton in a black suit 3C Singleton in a red suit 3D 11+ Maximum Singleton in suit below 3H/ 3S 4C/ 4D 8-13 Natural, balanced distribution 1NT 14+ 2NT Conventional, any 7 card suit (at least), with or without side values. 3NT SP4 RESPONSES TO 1C OPENING BID AFTER OPPONENT'S INTERFERENCE HCP Distributions and conditions Bid If LHO doubled 1C opening bid, partner's responses are the same with next exceptions : 0-5 Pass 6-7 1D 8+ With 4 card in both majors Rdbl LHO overcalled at 1 level 0-5 Pass 6+ Maximum 2 controls balanced distribution Dbl 4 card suit 1H/ 1S 6 card suit 2H/ 2S 7 card suit 3C/ 3D 3H/ 3S Conventional responses 3 controls with stopper in opponent's suit 1NT 3 controls without stopper in opponent's suit 2C 4 controls without stopper 2D 5 controls or more 2NT LHO overcalled at 2 level 0-5 Pass 6+ Maximum 3 controls balanced distribution Dbl unbalanced distribution, 5 cards in suit bid (at least) Suit 3 or 4 controls with stopper in opponent's suit 2NT 5 controls or more Cuebid LHO overcalled at 3 level 0-5 Pass 6+ Maximum 3 controls balanced distribution Dbl unbalanced distribution, long suit Suit 4 controls with or without stopper in opponent's suit 3NT 5 controls or more Cuebid REBIDS OF 1C OPENER HCP Distribution and conditions Bid OVER 1D NEGATIVE RESPONSE 16-19 Balanced distribution, eventual a 5 card minor (the development of auction in table SP6 sequences 3 & 4). 1NT 20-21 2NT 16-21 Minimum 4 cards in major bid; if opener bid 1H/ 1S with 4 cards, his distribution is unbalanced (see table SP6, sequence 1). 1H/ 1S Minimum 5 cards in minor bid, denying 4 cards into a major (see table SP6, sequence 1). 2C/ 2D 22+ Natural, forcing, 5 cards at least, ask for quality of suit; Roman responses are indicated in table SP6, sequence 2). 2H/ 2S Natural, forcing, maximum 3 losers, denying a 4 card major; the development of auction is natural. 3C/ 3D OVER 2H/ 2S CONSTRUCTIVE RESPONSES 16-18 Without fit in partner's suit Pass Good support, 3 cards minimum; invitation to game. Simple raise Fit and insufficient force for slam; sign-off. Raise in game 1-suited hand sign-off. New suit at game level Fit in partner's suit, 3 tricks in side of responder's suit and stoppers in all side suits. 3NT 19+ Very good own suit; partner raises with 3 cards support or rebids his suit (with minimum) or bids 3NT or make a cuebid (with maximum). New suit below game level. 19+ Strong hands with slam attitude. Conventional bid, asking bid, demanding indication of honors in respective suit. Partner responds as follows : 3C - with QJ 3D - with KJ 3H - with AJ 3S - with KQ 3NT - with AK or AQ 2NT OVER 1NT POSITIVE RESPONSE Conventional, balanced distribution, trying to find a fit into a major (Stayman); conventional responses showing suit and force are indicated in table SP6 sequence 5. 2C 16 Balanced distribution without 4 card major. 2NT 17-18 3NT Strong 1-suited hand. ALPHA asking bid (see table SP13). 2D/ 2H 2S/ 3C Very strong hand, solid suit, BETA asking bid (see table SP13). 3D/ 3H 3S/ 4C OVER 2NT POSITIVE RESPONSE Conventional, demands attempt of distribution. Partner announces his 4 card suits as follows : 3D - one or both majors 3H - heart and a minor 3S - spade and a minor 3NT - no 4 card major 3C Natural, ALPHA asking bid in respective suit. 3D/ 3H 3S/ 4C Natural, invitation to 6NT if partner has 16 HCP or more. 4NT OVER 3NT CONVENTIONAL RESPONSE Conventional, asking bid demanding attempt of controls in side suit. Partner responds: 4D - no side control 4H - 1 control 4S - 2 controls Opener's subsequent relay (next step over partner's bid) demands attempt of singleton or void. Partner responds: - 1st step = a void into a unidentify suit; - other responses show singleton in respective suit. Next, a new relay demands attempt of suit which partner has void. 4C Conventional, demands attempt of solid suit. Partner responds: 4H - heart 4S - spade 4NT - diamond 5C - club 4D OVER A POSITIVE SUIT RESPONSE 16 Good support, minimum hand. Jump in game in partner's suit 16-18 No good suit, no 4 card major, no two doubletons. 3NT 16+ 5 cards at least; partner raises with Jxx or better. New suit One or both 4 card major or two doubletons or poor 5 card minor. With 17-18 HCP and 4 trumps, in next round, raise partner's major. NT at minimum level 19-21 4 cards support Jump raise 19+ Strong support, 4 card at least. Trump asking bid. Simple raise Solid or semisolid suit by 4 cards or more. Jump new suit