Strong 1C opening

1C: 17+, unbalanced; 18+ balanced

Response to 1C Openings (control showing) without intervention
1D : 0 - 5, maximum 2 controls 1H : 6+ , maximum 2 controls Forcing to 2NT level 1S : 3 controls, Game force 1NT : 4 controls
Responses to 1C opening (control showing) with intervention
Intervention Response
------------ --------
Double Pass: 0 - 3
1D : 4 - 5
Redouble: 4 - 5 C suit
1H and above: as original

1D/1H/1S Pass: for original 1D
Double: for original 1H
Next step and above: 3 controls etc
2H/2S: as original

1NT Pass: 0 - 5
Double: for penalties (6+)
2C/2D: 0 - 5, long suit, non-forcing
2H/2S: as original

2C/2D/2H/2S Double: for penalties
2NT: 3 - 4 controls
Cue bid: 5 or more controls

3 level Pass: 0 - 6
Double: For penalties
Suit: non-forcing, contesting 7 - 8 points

After intervention by 1D/1H/1S, Pass replaces 1D and Double replaces 1H, gaining one step on 1D intervention and losing 1 On intervention by double, opportunity is made available to show 0 - 3 or 4 -5 points.
On intervention by 1NT or above, double is always for penalties
On intervention at 2 level, 2NT and cue bid show controls.
Development of 1 C Openings
1D 1H/S unbalanced min 4 carder, canape' style for safety
(0 - 5) 1NT (18 -20) balanced
2C: Gladiator, opener to bid 2D on way to signoff
2D Pass to play
2H/2S to play
2NT six carder C with K or Q
3D six carder D with K or Q

2D: Stayman
2H/2S Golden Misiere 5 carder with 5 points or 6 carder
with 4-5 points, points distributed in different suits
2NT Five card minor with KQ
3C/3D Six carder with KQ
4C/4D Texas

2C/2D unbalanced hand, minimum 5 carder
2H/2S/3C/3D Minimum 5 carder forcing 1 round (Jump bid)
Rebid same suit next round, non forcing
New suit, next round, forcing
2NT (23-24) Balanced
Pass: Natural
3C : Gladiator, opener to bid 3D followed by Pass/3H/3S
to play
3D : Stayman
3H/3S: 4-5, 5 carder opener to cue bid with a fit (Axx
or Kxx) or close at 3NT or 4H/4S
4C/4D: Texas
3NT (25-26), Balanced
4C: Gladiator (0 - 3), opener to bid 4D followed by Pass/
4H/4S/4C/5D to play
4D: Stayman
4H/4S: Natural, 4 - 5 points
1H 1S: Minimum 5 carder, responses natural min 4 carder
(6+, Max 2 controls 1NT: 18 - 20 Balanced
forcing upto 2NT) 2C: Baron followed by 2NT, min non-forcing
Any call at 3 level is forcing
2D: Stayman followed by 2NT, min non-forcing
Any call at 3 level is forcing
2H/2S: Minimum 5 carder
2NT: min, non-forcing
2NT: 23 - 24
3C: Baron
3D: Stayman
Jump in a suit, six carder semi solid, responder to
join with Qx or better

1S (3 controls, 1NT: 18 - 20 Balanced
game force) 2C: Baron
2D: Stayman
2H/2S: 5 carder

2C/2D/2H/2S: five carder
Natural 4 carder by responder

1NT (4 controls) 2C/2D/2H/2S: five carder
2NT: 18 - 20 Balanced
3C: Baron
3D: Stayman
3H/3S: Five carder, opener to cue bid with a fit (Axx or Kxx)

2C (5 controls) 2D/2H/2S: Five carder, bids by responder natural 4 carders 2NT: 18 - 20 balanced
3C: Baron
3D: Stayman
3H/3S: Five carder, opener to cue bid with a fit

2D (6 controls) same as above

2H/2S (4-5, six carder) Natural (Most of the points in the suit)

2NT (7 controls) 3C/3D/3H/3S: 5 carder
3NT: 18 - 20 Balanced
4C: Baron
4D: Stayman
4H/4S: Five carder

1D/1H: shows max 2 controls and then controls are shown step wise
1H is 6+ and forcing to 2NT level. If opener or responder bid 2NT after next bid by either, it shows minimum hand, which can
After 1D, opener bids canape' style for finding a fit on unbalanced hand but after 1H/S etc response, opener bids naturally a
After any response, opener bids NT on balanced hand after which responder's minimum C is gladiator and min D is stayman, if Baron is employed only by "RESPONDER" and not by opener. Opener must first show balanced hand by bidding NT
Gladiator is employed only by "RESPONDER" to show 0 - 3 points and no game desire on his part
With a fit (Axx, Kxx) opener or responder should raise to set the ground for cue-bidding at low level