Romex Trials With Power Bids

This is used for major suit raises. It combines preemptive raises and stronger fit-showing raises.
After partner opens 1 of a major, responder bids

2 of the major -- shows 6-9 HCP, 3-4 M
Opener may continue by using the normal Romex-Trials (Step1 = SST, Step2 = LST or balanced invitational, Step3,4 = LST, 3 M = competitive bid, non-invitational)

2 M+1 (i.e., after 1H bid 2S, after 1S bid 2NT) - 4+ card support, at least invitational with an unknown Singleton. This is similar to the over-jump shift, except it shows an invitational hand instead of a strong hand Opener may continue by asking for the shortness or signing off (Step1 is the Mathe Asking Bid, and the responder shows his shortness. An exampel: 1 H - 2 S - 2 NT (relay) and now: 3 C / 3 D = C / D x, 3 H = S x (invitational), 3 S = S (gameforcing). Opener shows a bad hand with 3 M (responder bids on with a strong hand) and otherwise he cuebids.

2 M+2 (e.g., 1H pass 2NT) - shows 4+ card support, invitational or better hand, and one of two types of distributino -- a) balanced or b) shows a fit showing jump bid (after 1 H shows 2 NT FSJ in Spade). The Opener bids: Step1 = gameforcing vs FSJ, Step2 = gameforcing vs balanced hand, 3 M = sign off, higher bids = gameforcing and CUE-Bid

2 M+3: 4+M at least invitational FSJ. Opener sign off with 3 M

2 M+4: 4+M at least invitational FSJ. Opener sign off with 3 M

3 /4 M = 4+ / 5+ M preemptive

A new suit higher than 3 M after the 1 M opening shows a void in that suit

3 NT is natural (2 cards in the Major) I would like to thank Claus GŁnther,, for submitting this convention.