Rigal Multi-2D responses

The following is the most wefficient scheme of responses that i have
come across, and it is based on the presumption that there is no real
restriction to a multi in terms of suit quality, and that you are
unlikely to have a good suit (2 top hons) and an ace or you would open
at the one level.


3C default (see below)
3D good H suit (2 top H) 3H relays for singletons
3H good S suit (ditto) 3S ditto
3S bad W2S non-forcing

2D 2Nt
3C 3D/H both relays (3H GF)

2D 2NT
3C 3D
3H nf terrible W2H
3S good HCP S, bad suit no Q
3NT good HCP H, bad suit no Q-bid
4C/D/H Q in C/D/S w2S

2D 2NT
3C 3H
3S good w2S bad suit
3NT terrible w2H
4C+ cue-bids good w2H, bad suit

If you want to use this feel free, but
please put Rigal responses on your convention card.

Note: playing 3C as a transfer response- 3D allows responder to bid 3C
with a Gf hand in C/H/S. 3D=D GF.

3H/S= preemptive responses.

Please NOTE: Found this source at http://rgb.anu.edu.au/Bridge/Bidding/Conventions/Rigal-resp-Multi2D