Nilsland Defense

Nilslandske slinkningar is a defense against doubles after 1NT, made by the Swedish Mats Nilsland. This can be used after a 1NT opening has been doubled or 1NT overcall has been doubled. The only drawback with this convention is that you never can play 1NT doubled.
A. A direct bid at the 2-level.
If the partner to the NT-bidder bids directly a suit at the two level, it
shows the suit + the suit above.

- 1NT X 2C : C + D .
2D : D + H .
2H : H + S .
2S : S + C .

B. Redouble.
If the partner to the NT-bidder, make a redouble, it shows an undefined suit with at least 5 card. The NT-bidder must then bid 2C if the opponents bid pass.

- 1NT X XX
P 2C P Pass: 5+C .
2D : 5+D .
2H : 5+H .
2S : 5+S .

C. Pass.
If the partner to the NT-bidder bids pass, it tells the NT-opener to redouble. The Pass bidder can have the following distribution:
1. A weak 2 suiter with C + H or D + S.
2. You want to play 1NT redouble.
3. An unballanced invitational hand with at least 5 card major suit.
4. An unballanced invitational hand. (is unsure if 1NT can be made)
5. An unballanced hand, 6+minor suit with two top honours.

- 1NT X P
P XX P Pass : Want to play 1NT redouble.
2C : C + H
2D : D + S
2H : 5+Hearts. Invitational.
2S : 5+Spades. Invitational.
2NT : Unballanced hand. Gameforcing. Ask 1NT-bidder to bid the lowest
4+card suit. (A kind of Baron)
3C : HHxxxx(x) in Club. Invitational.
3D . HHxxxx(x) in Diamonds. Invitational.