Niemeijer Transfers

This structure is used after a 2nt opening to find both major and minor suit game fits.
General approach: Transfers, and 3C as asking for 4 or 5 card majors.

3C See below (That's the major part)

3D Transfer to hearts
-3H accepting
-3NT 2 hearts, 5 spades
-4D retransfer to hearts
-4H transfer to spades
-other cue bid, nice fit, maybe slam?

3H Transfer to Spades
-3S accepting
-3NT 2 spades, 5 hearts
-4D transfer to hearts
-4S retransfer to spades

3S Transfer to Clubs (slam interest)

3NT shows 5 Spades + 4 Hearts. NON FORCING
-4H To play
-4S To play

4C Transfer to Diamonds (slam interest)

4D 5H + 5S. Opener places contract (1)

4H (I forgot)

4S Ace asking bid

4NT 6NT-try
5NT 7NT-try

3C Asks for 4 or 5 card Major
-3N at most 3-3 in Majors
-4C Minor suit stayman
-3H 5card
-3S general Slam try, start cueing
-3NT to play
-4H to play
-4C/D long suit, NO fit
-3S 5card
-3NT to play
-4S to play
-4H general slam try
-4C/D long suit, NO fit
-3D 4card H and/or S
-3H looking for Spade fit
-3NT Sorry, I had 4card H
-3S looking for Heart fit
-3NT Sorry, I had 4card S
-4D "Name your suit"
-4C Minor suit stayman (?)
-3NT To play (because 3NT directly is convential)

The only problems are the 5422 hands, with 5-4 Major or 5-4 Minor.
5-4 Major: there is no way to indicate this: the 4-4 fit will be missed.
Solution: either open 2C (GF) or 1H/S.
2-2 Major: You may have problems when pd shows 5-5 with 4D.

From: (Sjoerd Schreuder)