Negative Double

This is an offensive bid that shows the unbid suits, rather like a takeout double by the defenders. Double of a major usually promises at least 4 of the unbid 2nd major and at least tolerance for the unbid minors. Some play that a double after a minor shows 4 of both majors. The direct bid of a major after opps bid the other one therefore shows 5 or more in the suit. A partnership therefore may distinguish between 4 and 5+ card suits.

The number of points required to make a negative double vary, but the most common standard is 8 HCP (or a very good 7 HCP).

             S: xx
             H: Ax
             D: xxxxx
             C: KTxx
S: Qxxx                     S: x
H: J10xx                    H: KQxx
D: JTxx                     D: AKQx
C: Ax                       C: Qxx
             S: AJTxxx
             H: xxx
             D: x
             C: QJ

W        N       E        S

         P       1C       1S
X        P       2H       2S
3H       P/O