Nagy Game Tries

1S-pass - 2S pass ?

2NT = asks in which suit responder would accept a help suit game try. Reponses:
3C = accept clubs. If opener now bids 3x it is a help suit in that suit.
3D = reject clubs, accept diamonds
3H = reject minors, accept hearts
3S = reject any help suit try
3NT = natural, choice of games
4S = game raise, no slam interest
3C,3D,2H = short suit game tries
3S = choice of
a) power try
b) trump try
c) show 123 stop
3NT = offering choice of games (i.e., trump support with balanced hand)
4C,4D,4H = long-suit slam tries, promising a 5-card side suit and a good hand

Over 1H-pass-2H-pass, same applies, only 2S is the ask, and 1 notrump bid shows spades, and 2NT is a short suit try in spades. 3 S is natural, 5-6 slam try.

After short suit tries, a repeat of the short suit try is a void suit slam try. A different suit beyond 3M is a cue bid and shows a short suit slam try with a singleton.

After 2NT, opener's new suits above 3M show a help-suit slam try (probably in an accepted suit) and are cue bids.

Source: Jeff Goldsmith,