Marx-Sharples Transfers over Weak NT Opening

2C - Stayman, promises at least 1 4-card M. Opener bids 2H with 4H+4S.
May be used to improve the contract with a weak hand -
all simple changes of suit after the response to 2C are weak.
1NT:2C,2D:2H weak, shows both majors (as in KS)
1NT:2C,2D:2S weak, shows 4 spades & 3+ support for both minors
1NT:2C,2D:2NT natural NT limit raise.
1NT:2C,2D:3C weak, natural.
1NT:2C,2D:3D at least invitational, 5S+5H.
1NT:2C,2D:3H invitational, 5H+4S
1NT:2C,2D:3S forcing, 5H+4S
1NT:2C,2D:3NT to play

1NT:2C,2H:2S weak, shows 4 spades & 3+ support for both minors
1NT:2C,2M:2NT natural NT limit raise.
1NT:2C,2M:3m weak, natural.
1NT:2C,2M:3M natural limit raise
1NT:2C,2M:3NT to play
1NT:2C,2M:3oM slam interest, 5H+4S.
1NT:2C,2M:4m Q in support of M.
1NT:2C,2M:4oM slam interest, weak suit.
1NT:2C,2M:4M to play

2D Transfer to hearts, 5+ hearts (not 5H-4S) or
(art.) balanced, game-inv. or slam interest
2H Transfer to spades, 5+ spades
(here 1NT:2t,2M t = transfer bid, M = anchor suit)
1NT:2t,2M,2NT invitational, usually 5332
1NT:2t,2M,3M invitational, usually 6-card M
1NT:2t,2M,3m 4+ cards, at least inv. forcing to at least 3M.
1NT:2H,2S,3H 4+ H, at least inv. forcing to at least 3S.
1NT:2t,2M:3NT to play
1NT:2t,2M:4M to play

1NT:2D,2S all hands too good for 1NT:2D,2H
1NT:2H,3x doubleton, too good for 1NT:2H,2S

1NT:2D,2H:2S balanced, game-invitational or slam-interest
(unrelated to hearts). For 5H-4S hands, see
Stayman, above.
1NT:2D,2H:2S,2NT minimum
1NT:2D,2H:2S,2NT:3x slam interest; lowest 4-card suit. A new suit
at the 4 level is always a Q, agreeing the last suit
1NT:2D,2H:2S,3x maximum, lowest 4-card suit.
1NT:2D,2H:2S,3x:3NT responder has game-invitational hand
1NT:2D,2H:2S,3x:3y slam try, 4-card suit
1NT:2D,2H:2S,3x:4y Q for x.
1NT:2D,2H:2S,3x:4NT slam try, all 4-card suits lower than x.

1NT:2D,2S:3NT responder has game-inv. balanced hand.
1NT:2D,2S:3x slam-try, lowest 4-card suit.

2S Transfer to clubs
2NT Transfer to diamonds
(here 1NT:2t,3m t = transfer bid, m = anchor suit)
1NT:2t,3m at least xxxx or Kxx support
1NT:2S,2NT &
1NT:2NT,3C worse than xxxx or Kxx support.
1NT:2t,nx:3y 4+ cards in y; mild slam interest
1NT:2t,nx:3NT to play
1NT:2t,nx:4NT slam invitation

3C,3D,3H,3S 1-suited with slam interest.
1NT:3x,3NT minimum, no fit
1NT:3x,4NT maximum, no fit
1NT:3x,4x minimum, fit
1NT:3x,others Q; maximum, fit

4C,4D transfers to 4H, 4S. mild slam interest (e.g. 7 solid, 4 1/2
LTC). Opener breaks the transfer only with controls including at least
2 outside aces.

4H,4S preemptive.

4NT invitational, 4-3-3-3. Opener with 4-4 may accept with 5 of the
lower suit.
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