Major Minor Notrump

The opening promise 5-5 in minor or major. May show either a weak hand (9 or fewer HCP) Responder bids as follows:

3C: Give preference to clubs if partner has both minors 2NT bidder should
- Pass with minor.
- Bidding 3D does NOT show diamonds, but instead shows both majors.

3D: Preference to diamonds if partner has both minors
- Pass with minor.
- 3H with majors

3H/3S: Invitation in hearts/spades. Opener
- Passes with major and a minimum.
- 3NT with the minors.
- 4C/D with void in hearts and major.
- 4H/4S with both majors and a maximum.

3NT: To play if minor.
- 4C - void in clubs and majors.
- 4D void in diamonds and major.
- 4H with major.

4C: Forcing -- looking for game
- 4D: Opener has both major - responder chooses for best game..
- 4H: Minor, minimum
- 4S: Minor and maximum.