Ma and Pa Runouts

This occurs with partnerships playing weak NoTump. The problem occurs when opponents' double partner's weak notrump opening. Typically, responder passses with a weak hand, and opener redoubles for a rescue bid if the second opps passes. To allow responder more accurately to find a suit to run.

        2X to play almost always a five card suit
        3X premptive
        RDBL they have made a mistake, I want to play 1NT**, if they run you
            can double with appropriate hands
        PASS expresses doubt (the opponents always laugh at this point)
            Responder denies a five card suit. Opener should bid a five
            card suit.  With no five card suit opener redoubles with a
            4-3-3-3 minimum or any 4-4-3-2 hand and we bid four card
            suits up the line until we find a 4-3 fit, or pass with nothing
            better to do)i
	2NT shows an unbalanced invitational  or better hand and opener rebids 
	the cheapest suit in which he would reject a game try, but
	this has never come up).