Minor Suit Stayman -- 2D response to 1NT opening

This version of Minor Suit Stayman (MSS) uses a bid of Two Diamonds after opener bids one notrump to search for a minor suit game or the suitability of notrump. 2D is a GAME-FORCING response, showing

(a) an unbalanced minor suit hand
(b) no four card major
(c) a sngleton or void.

Opener bids

(a) a suit to show concentrated strength in that suit (e.g., AKJ), but does not promise four cards
(b) 2NT -- scattered values -- no suit with concentrated values

Responder rebids after opener's suit bid

(a) 2NT -- responder's shortness is in opener's strong suit (assuming opener responded in a major, asking opener to bid 3NT with a control in the other major
(b) 3NT -- to play
(c) 3 of a minor -- probably has a singleton or void in the other major and wants opener to raise or bid the other minor, whichever suit is better for opener
(d) Raising opener when opener has rebid a minor suit -- a slam try
(e) Bidding game in a minor opener has rebid- sgnoff

Responder rebids after opener's 2NT bid

(a) 3NT -- to play
(b) 3 of a major -- responder is short in that suit and asks opener to bid 3NT with a control in that suit
(c) 3C -- at least 5 clubs/4 diamonds -- asks opener to raise with 3 clubs, bid 3D with four diamonds. NOTE: holding 4432, opener might respond 3NT as the lesser of evils
(d) 3D -- at least 5 diamonds, 4 clubs -- asks opener to raise with 3 diamonds, 4C with four clubs. See previous NOTE

Partnerships frequently adjust these responses to their own tastes, so please discuss these responses with your partner before playing this convention.