Kickback RKC

This is a variation of Roman Key Card invented by Marty Bergen. It's purpose is to prevent the partnership from getting too high when showing key cards.

Kickback works exactly like RKC, with one important distinction. The bid asking partner to show key cards is made by bidding the suit immediately above the agreed-upon suit. For example, after the partnership has agreed on hearts as the suit, 4 spades would be asking for key cards.

Partner responds by bidding up the line to show key cards in the 0/3, 1/4, 2, 2 plus suit queen format (or however else the partnerships shows key cards)..

For example, after hearts have been agreed as the trump suit, partner bids 4s and the responses are as follows:

4nt shows 0 or 3 key cards
5C shows 1 or 4
5D shows 2
5H shows 2 plus the heart queen

4D would be asking for clubs, 4H would be asking for diamonds, 4S asking about hearts, 4NT asking about spades.