Jordan 2NT

Where partner opens a major (say S), and overcaller doubles, responder bids 2S with a minimum hand, 3S preemptively, and a Jordan 2NT as a limit raise or better. XX in this position shows 10+ points, and tends to deny opener's suit.
             S: Qxx
             H: Qxx
             D: KQxx
             C: Axx

             S: AKxxx
             H: x
             D: Axx
             C: KJxx

W        N       E        S

X        2N      P        4S
Responder would bid 2S with Qxx/Qxx/Kxxx/xxx, 3S with Qxxx/xxx/Kxxxx/x, and XX with Qx/Qxxx/KQx/Axx.