Jacoby Transfers

Over partner's one notrump opening, responder bids

2D = transfer to hearts (shows at least 5 hearts)
2H = transfers to spades (shows at least 5 spades)

Following the transfer, responder bids

a. 2NT with values to invite to game in either the major or in NT (opener either passes, raises to game in NT or major, or bids 3 of the major to stop in part-score)
b. 3NT with value to force game in either major on in NT (partner either passes or raises to game in the major)
c. 3 of the major to invite game in the major alone
d. bids game in the major, showing either a very strong 5 card suit or 6+ trump support.

There are several extended Jacoby systems to show length in the minor.
a. 2S transfers to 3C, 3C transfer to 3D - simply continues the tranfer system
b. 2S - transfers to 3C, bidder may then correct to 3D (a direct bid of 3C or 3D shows game forcing strength)
c. Minor Suit Stayman
d. Four-Suit Transfers Additional OPTIONS that my be added to transfer sequences. There are a series of additional responses by the notrump bidder which some advanced players use. These are (1) Super-Accept - with (a) four card support, and (b) a maximum hand with a side doubleton (there should be some basis to believe you can establish an extra trick with your 9 card fit). This allowed the partnership to find 23/24 HCP games, where the transferrer might otherwise pass. E.g., Opener Opp Partner Opp 1NT P 2D Pass 3H! Opener Ax AQxx A10x K10xx (2) Two Notrump -- three good trump and Ax or Kx in a side suit Opener Opp Partner Opp 1NT P 2D Pass 3H! Opener Ax KQx Axxx KJxx (2) A new suit bid -- three or four trump, a maximum hand, plus a worthless doubleton in the suit bid. Opener Opp Partner Opp 1NT P 2D Pass 3H! Opener Ax KQx Axxx KJxx When a transfer is doubled by opponents to request a lead or suggest a sacrifice in that suit. E.g., Opener Opp Partner Opp 1NT P 2D Dbl! The notrump opener could use the double to show additional information. Thus, if opener (a) redoubles -- suggests playing diamonds (b) passes -- shows opener lacks support for the transferred suit (e.g., in the above auction, opener might pass holding a small doubleton in hearts). (c) bids the requested suit (accept the transfer) to show at least three card support If OPener passes the double, responder may (a) redouble -- demand opener accept the transfer (b) bid notrump -- is natural and guarantees a control in the doubled suit (e.g., in the above auction, a 2NT bid would show invitational values and a diamond stopper) (c) redouble, THEN rebid notrump -- is natural but this time denies a control in the doubled suit (d) bid the suit suit requested in the transfer -- sign off (e) bid three of the suit requested in the transfer -- forcing (f) bid a new suit -- game-forcing (g) redouble, then bid a new suit -- non-forcing (h) a cue bid (bidding the transfer suit -- e.g., bidding 3 diamonds in the above auction). This is a slam try., showing no losers in the cue bid suit (i) redouble, then cue bid -- may be a slam try, but attempts to play 3NT and shows a partial stopper in that suit.