Flannery is a 2D opening bid which shows 5 hearts and 4 spades. Partner responds as follows:

Pass = no interest in playing either major
2H = shows a weak hand with a preference for hearts. May have as few as two hearts
2S = shows a weak hand with a preference for spades. May have as few as three spades
2NT asks for more details. See Reply below
3C = shows long clubs and is mildly invitational
3D = shows long diamonds and is highly invitational
3H/3S = shows a preference and is a slam try.
4C = Gerber asking for aces

In reply to the 2NT response,
3C shows a 4/5/1/3 or 4/5/0/4 hand.
3D shows 4/5/3/1 or 4/5/4/0.
3H shows a weak 4/5/2/2.
3S shows a strong 4/5/2/2.
3NT shows a strong 4/5/2/2, with stoppers in the minors.
Four of a minor shows a void in that suit.

Continuations by Responder after Opener's Reply to 2NT:

3H/3S = signoff. Opener may continue to game with undisclosed strength.

             S: AKJT
             H: Axxxx
             D: Jx
             C: JT

             S: Qxxxxxx
             D: AKxx
             C: Ax

W        N       E        S

P        2D      P        2N
P        3S      P        4N
P        5H      P        7S

Notes: 3S shows maximum, but both minors not stopped.

There is a special defense to this convention.