Canape opening bids:

This is a method by which the shorter of two suits is opened first, so that the second suit in which the rebid is made is, in principle, the longer suit. The method may occasionally require an opening bid on a three card suit in order to rebid into a suit of five or more cards.

i) Weak hand is shown by higher, then lower suit (second suit is at least as long as first suit, may be longer), or by NT or raise. After 1NT response canape' is not guaranteed as bid of lower second suit is to find best fit.

ii) Weak hand with 4 D and 4S is opened 1S with tolerance for H, otherwise 1D

iii) Strong hand is shown by: reverse(not at 1 level): Second suit, 5 carder Jump in second suit: Second suit semi-solid six carder (except when second suit is C in which case it shows 4 carder C and semisolid six carder first suit) Jump in partner's suit: when opener was himself going to reverse in that suit