Benjamin 2-Bids/French Two Bids

Benjamin 2-Bids are strong artificial bids used to show near game or game-going hands. Most people are familiar with a variation of one of the Benjamin two-bids, the strong 2 Club opening. The first source I found called them Benjamin Two-Bids, but I have since learned that in the French bidding system they are un-named strong two-bid openings.

Benjamin two clubs shows

23-24 points balanced
20-22 points unbalanced (with one very good suit)
18-19 points with a very strong two-suited hand.

The 2C bid is within a trick and a half of game (many players require it to be within one trick of game). Responses to the bid are

2D = negative bid showing fewer than 8 points Begin bidding 4 card suits up the line.
2H = 5 hearts and at least 5 points
2S = 5 spades and at least 5 ponts
2NT = balanced hand, but more than 8 points

Partnerships have different point minimums needed to respond outside of 2D. The key point is that the partnership is not forced to game because of the 2C opening.
Benjamin two diamonds is even stronger. It shows a minimum of 24-25 points with even distribution or 23 points and an unbalanced hand. The partnership is forced to game somewhere. The responses are:

2NT = fewer than 6 points and no 5 card major
2H = 5 hearts (says nothing about points)
2S = 5 spades (says nothing about points)
3C = 6 clubs
3D = 6 diamonds

The only time I saw someone play Benjamin 2D the meanings of the 2H and 2s Bids were reversed to allow opener to continue to conceal the strong hand.