AIO ("As if Opened")

This is used against a notrump overcall by one's opponents. When partner opens 1 of a minor and gets overcalled by 1NT, make the next bid (at the 2 level) as if partner had opened 1NT. (I.e., 2C = Stayman, 2D = transfer, etc.). Because responder is likely to have a minimum hand, opener should be cautious about making strong responses (e.g., super-acceptance bds, rebids after responder attempts to sign off. Responder's bids often tend to be preemptive, holding six or more of suits for transfer (after all, opener has promised nothing in responder's suits. Partner should shut up if bidding gets too high. In response to a transfer bid (2D or 2H), if opener bids any other suit, opener shows fewer than 2 cards in the transfer suit and a four card suit as a run-out attempt, as well as a strong hand. Resp E.g., Responder Jxx Q10xxxx
Thanks to Wei-Hwa Huang, at, for submitting this convention.