Fourth Suit Forcing When playing this convention, the bid of the fourth suit is either one round or game forcing, depending upon the partnership agrreement. The bid itself promises nothing in the suit, but asks partner to continue bidding to provide more information to the fourth suit bidder. Most commonly, partner's bid of the fourth suit asks partner whether s/he has the fourth suit stopped. With a stopper in the fourth suit, replier typically bids notrump, otherwise bids something else. The benefit to this convention is that it prevents pre-mature closing of the auction where an apparent misfit is found, and allows the partnership to play notrump from the best side. KQxxx Kx QJxx Ax Jx Jxx AKx KQxxx Opp Partner Opp You P 1S P 2C P 2D P 2H(!) P 2NT P 3NT P/O