Precision One Diamond Opening

1D: 11-15, min. 2 carder diamond (@ 4 cards). With 11 hcp don't bid with 4333 or 4432 without a major, or if strength only in the short suits.
a) Pass: 0-7 (although you might bid with a max and long suit) b) 1H/1S: 8-15, 4 carder. With both bid H first, with both 5 carder S 1st Bid 4 card major even if you have longer minor.
Raise with 4 card support
bid S 4 carder over H
Rebid 6 carder
1NT balanced
bid 4 or 5 carder C minor
Jump raise with 4 card support
bid 4c+ good new suit above 2D
Jump rebid 6 carder
Jump to 3C with 5-5
Jump to 2NT
c) 1NT: 8-10 balanced
d) 2NT: 16+ balanced (# 11-13 balanced) responses:
3C unbalanced min
3D asks to show 4c major
3D balanced max
3NT balanced min
new suit unbalanced max
e) 3NT: 14-15 balance, 4 card major (# 14-16)
f) 2C: 11, C suit, no 4 card major
Opener to show point range and stopper in Major suits
11-13 14-15
NO stopper 2D 3C
H stopper 2H 3H
S stopper 2S 3S
H,S stopper 2NT 3NT

g) 2D: * 11-15, 4 card support, no major
Opener to show point range and stopper in Major suits same
as above except 3D at 11-13 no stopper
# 8-10, 4 card support, no major
h) Jump in a new suit, 16+ 4 card majo5 carder good suit
1) raise: min 3 carder support
2) 3NT: min balanced, 2 card support
3) New suit or 3D: min unbalanced, max doubleton support
4) 2NT: maximum balanced
3NT: balanced minimum
3C: unbalanced minimum
3D: balanced maximum
new suit: unbalanced max
i) 3D: * Pre-emptive, 5 card support
# 11-13, 4+ card support

Redouble: 11 or more
Other: natural as without intervention
Double at 2 level: one 4 card major
Double at 3 level: for penalties
Cue Bid: min 11, opener bids good 4c side suit